Polite Notice

Please correspond with me via email and not messenger as this function has been rather intermittent of late.

Once tickets are purchased, they are your responsibility. If you can no longer make the date, you can of course re-sell and advise me who is coming for the coach purposes.  Due to the volume of admin, I am unable to re-sell your tickets on my theatre page – I do apologise for this, however, I do get the very best rates I can for us and offer an almost door to door service.

You will hear from me again about 3-4 weeks from your chosen show. I will then advise the exact times the coach will be at your pick-up point and on the day, I will tell you where you are sitting on the coach and I will give you your tickets unless requested otherwise you can collect from me, however the Agent usually send tickets to me 10 days pre show.

I use paper tickets and not e-tickets.

Alcohol on the coach is prohibited at all times.

Once tickets are purchased unless the event is cancelled by myself or the venue, refunds are not available

If you arrive in London and your show has been cancelled, you would need to pay for the travel. Your cancelled performance would either be refunded as a partial refund or rescheduled as deemed by the theatre.

PASSENGER BEHAVIOUR: We want all our customers to have a happy and carefree day out. That is paramount for a small family run business.

You are responsible for your behaviour and hygiene and the effect it may have on others. We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour. If you or any other member of your party is abusive, disruptive, make racist, sexist or homophobic comments or behaves in a way that could cause damage or injury to others, especially through drunkenness, or affect others enjoyment of their event or cause damage to property, we have the right to terminate your travel with us and we will have no further obligation or liability to you.

At this point you will also be removed from the group and must make your own way home.

We will not entertain any refund requests in these circumstances and you will be banned for life from travelling with us again.

The driver or other authorised officials are entitled to refuse boarding if, in their opinion, you are unacceptably under the influence of drink or drugs or you are being violent or disruptive.

We reserve the right to refuse travel should we deem it necessary.

Thank you for agreeing to my terms and conditions.