So, we all love Mamma Mia the Party at the 02 London … I am always very happy to hear the delightful comments customers have at the venue… This is an update about how it all works for the party as I’m often asked.


There are no tickets. I advise the name of the Lead Booker and the numbers in their party along with diet requests as you have advised me upon booking ‘ notes section ‘ on the website.


The venue will organise the tables up to 5  max on the table – the venue organise the tables a few days before the event – I do not organise the tables.



Tickets for Mamma Mia! The Party - Musical -





Travel, food, one drink and entertainment is included in the price. If you’re attending an evening performance we usually arrive around 5pm.. the venue opens at 6.30pm = = the coach departs at 11pm.


We no longer have multiple tables of 6 inTier B  but I can keep the groups together by changing the table sizes.

The venue organise the tables.. They can be either in Tier A or B and not C. Here’s an extract from the Party online about their bands of seating. 


Mamma Mia! The Party is a theatrical experience where the action takes place at multiple points around Nikos Taverna.

There is not a specific stage-like performance area and guests will sometimes need to turn around in their seats to see the action.

Every seat on each table offers a unique view.

The view from some tables on the terraces, upper terraces and balconies is obstructed by support pillars and/or parts of the Mamma Mia! The Party set. 

Where that obstruction is regular and severe, affected tables are categorised as Tier C (restricted view).

All tables are subject to temporary obstructions due to the set and the nature of the performance.

So —- we may be seated in these tables they are Band A or  B – the venue would seat you, not me and they will not seat you in Band C.


Finally – I really do want you to have the best time but do please be mindful the coach (for an evening performance) will depart on time at 11pm – it’s not fair on others to wait. 

The driver will not allow you on board if you are deemed intoxicated.  (Drunk or under the influence of drugs).




Orbital's TiMax joins Mamma Mia's O2 Party


The venue is located at the 02 London and we always park at the 02 Coach park so, if you leave a little early you can head back to the coach and board in good time for our departure.